Candy, Food and drinks

Here at Carols Confections we offer an assortment of nostalgia candy and Coke products.

Food Menu



Cold Drinks

Soft Drinks $1.50 inc tax  (20 oz)

Diet Coke
Coke Life
Cherry Cole
Cherry Coke Zero
Coke Zero
Dr. Pepper
DietDr. Pepper
Barg's Root Beer
Mello Yellow
Seagram's Ginger Ale
Fanta Orange
Fanta Grape

Dasani Water         $1.40
Dasani Lemon Water
Smart Water    $2.15  (1 litre)

Monster    $2.30 - 2.60 inc tax (11 flavors)

Gold Peak Sweet Tea    $1.80
Gold Peak Green Tea


Jelly Belly

New Bean Boozled Games and Dispensers in stock - Dead Fish & Spoiled Milk are the new flavors!!!!!!

New bulk flavor - Blueberry

Draft Beer Jelly Belly is a winner and best seller

Pancakes & Maple Syrup