Sarris Chocolate

How Love Began A Legend

It was a special day in 1958, in a quaint little town in Pennsylvania. A young man was on his way to visit his sweetheart. As a gift for her, he took along the finest box of chocolate he could find. She was delighted at the gesture, but he was disappointed with the chocolates. "If this is the best I can buy" he thought, "surely I can do better."

For months, night after night, he labored over his kitchen stove until he created a recipe for the richest and creamiest chocolates anyone had ever tasted.

Soon after, Frank Sarris and his new bride, Athena, started Sarris Candies in the basement of their home. Since then their small candy shop, including an ice cream parlor, has grown in size tot he length of a football field. Now, three generations of the Sarris Family still own and operate Sarris Candies. 

Although Sarris Chocolate are available online and in over 800 retail locations throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia, people still travel hundreds of miles to visit Sarris Candies' original store to sample some of the finest chocolates and ice creams they have ever tasted. 

Why have stayed so true to our own rich tradition of quality and goodness after all these years? Because you might want to give a box of Sarris Chocolate to someone you love as much as Frank loved Athena.

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